Saturday, April 19, 2008

Marble Springs Living History Weekend

Adventure 080419

Despite living just under five miles away from the site for the last five years I had never visited the John Sevier Marble Springs Tennessee State Historic Farmstead until Kathy and I noticed that they were holding a Living History Weekend. Marble Springs is a small site but it's obvious that many people have put a lot of love and effort into keeping it maintained. My Mother, Step-Dad, Kathy, and I spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon wandering around the several buildings that have been moved to the site and restored including a Tavern/Trading Post, a Loom House with a very impressive working loom, the Walker Cabin, and the John Sevier Cabin where some claim that John Sevier lived for the last years of his life.

(Late back-log addition added on Sat 9/20/2008.)

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