Monday, August 6, 2007

Tormenting Miki with B5 & Jello

Experiment: 070806

Imagine my delight and joy at your return. Now imagine that expressed as cash. Being a negative number you now owe me $37.50 - Richard "Miki" Evans

Here's an example of why this webpage is called "Sam's Evil Adventure & Experiment Log". Kathy stumbled on a website showing a prank involving placing a stapler into a Jello mold and leaving it on a co-worker's desk. My thought when she showed it to me was "I bet he just tossed the stapler...." So when we decided to do "evil things" to Miki I knew I would need to find something he would be willing to scrape Jello off of to have. That's a copy of "Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales" in the Jello. Yes, he did scrape it off. No, I wasn't kind enough to leave it at that. The disk in the Jello actually only had a copy of the "sock-puppet" version JMS did for the DVD extras. Yes, I did relent and give him a real copy.

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