Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wilton Discover Cake Decorating – Course 1 - Class 1

Adventure 080916

Kathy noticed that the Maryville Hobby Lobby was running a half-price sale on their Wilton Cake Decorating classes so I rushed over and got the second to last slot on the sign-up sheet for the "Discover Cake Decorating – Course 1" series. The first class was really just a basic introduction and review of what we would need to bring to the next classes followed by a quick demonstration of some of the techniques the instructor would be showing us. Not a lot of actual content but the instructor seemed very skilled and I managed to pick up several tips to try out. I'm hoping this class will fill in some of the basic techniques I'm missing and I'll try to post pictures from each prep session and class.

(Late back-log addition added on Sat 9/20/2008.)

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