Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wilton Discover Cake Decorating – Course 1 - Class 2 prep

Experiment 080921

I made two major mistakes in my prep work for the second Wilton class session.
  1. I forgot the eggs in the Dream Whip cake recipe (with extra 1/4 cup oil) my instructor suggested until after I had mixed the other ingredients.
  2. I forgot that I needed to add extra water to the Class Buttercream Icing recipe to use it to frost the cake until after I had finished.... Despite the fact that it was REALLY hard to frost....

The Wilton instructor suggested using this recipe with the addition of 1/4 cup oil. It turned out very tasty.

Note the lack of eggs. D'oh!

Whee! Vanilla Crisco flavored sugar!

Yes, I have to make sure everything is on the counter before starting. It's a compulsion.

The finished cake looks pretty good but was incredibly time consuming. I'm thinking that even knowing that I messed up the icing, the way to go here is to frost the cake like normal and then use a tub of the Wilton Decorating icing.

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