Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wilton Discover Cake Decorating – Course 1 - Class 3 prep

Experiment 080928

This is the last prep session for my Wilton Course 1 classes and I had to make a few changes from what I had been originally planning. (When I got home from work on the evening of Wednesday the 24th I found Kathy and everything in the kitchen covered in fire extinguisher powder from where the stove had developed a short and tried to burn down the house.... The new stove will be here on Friday the 3rd, but that's a little late for getting a cake baked for my last class on the 30th.)

Rice Crispy treats are the best!

What's even better than Rice Crispy treats? A Rice Crispy treat cake!

This time I remembered to add the correct amount of water thankfully.

First pass at frosting.

I think the best tip I've picked up out of this class has been waiting 15-30 minutes for the icing to harden and then using wax paper to finish smoothing the cake. The results are fantastic.

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