Saturday, October 4, 2008


Okay, I've finished creating a MySpace page. Now what the heck are they actually for? No, seriously. The only thing I can actually see it being used for is a very odd form of dating service/bulletin board? My friends Jon and Hank are using it for their blogs, but from what I've seen it really doesn't compare at all well with Blogger or even just a stand-alone vanity page like my old Evil Adventure & Experiment Log. I'm willing to listen to any dissenting opinions. Maybe I'm just missing something here.... In any case I've added a MySpace graphic to the left column with a link to my page. While I was working on that I also updated the blog links for my friends Carrie and Hank, added a Followers display, and put together a RSS feed of the Netflix DVDs that Kathy and I have checked out.

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