Friday, August 6, 2010

Arduino Dubious Chef Countdown Timer v0.2

Experiment: 20100806

I have successfully constructed my first “hey, I wonder if I can just make that” Arduino project using a for loop to light LEDs in sequence, then turning them off in 5 minute intervals over a 60 minute period.  I’m inordinately proud of myself, despite the simplicity of the project and the fact that I had to toss out the buzzer feature I had first envisioned.  (I’m guessing I got the wrong kind of buzzer at Radio Shack as it sounded like a congested squirrel.)  My gaming group and I will be using it as the official countdown timer for our home-grown RPG themed cooking show tomorrow.

Shopping List:
12        220Ω Resistors
3        Red LED - 5mm
3        Green LED - 5mm
6        Yellow LED - 5mm
1        Arduino
1        Half-Breadboard


Countdown  Arduino 0018 862010 85717 PM


1 comment:

Kyle Anderson said...

Awesome! The road to learning the Arduino is a fun one. Maybe one day you can revisit this same project and use 4 IO pins instead 12 using Charlieplexing!